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Welcome visitors, minions, and guests! This is the eclectic world of my little journey.  I don’t claim to be an expert (at least not yet) at anything, but I will subject you to little tidbits of my epiphanies, whimsies, and random rants of awesome.  (Can it really be awesome if it is self-proclaimed?  Sorry, just a rhetorical aside)

If you’ve moseyed over to my “About” page (creative name, eh?) you’ll probably see that I have a wide range of interests.  At the moment I’m exploring my creative side with photography and attempts at drawing and cartooning.  I’ve set up a gallery in case you are extremely bored and want to look through my pics. I swear I’m not really vain, I just like to share.  That being said, I also love hearing from my visitors, minions, and guests (even the alien-invader kind…I think).  Feel free to leave comments, I try to reply in a timely manner as long as the internet doesn’t consume my witty replies for its own digital digestion. Where do those go I wonder?  Those stolen replies must show up somewhere.  There must be an internet land for Lost Replies inhabited by random little quips basking in pixie dust, second star from the right, or was that the left?  And now I’ve just proven that I’m directionally challenged.

“Photography” gallery — pretty much anything I wanted to take a pic of

Random art attempt gallery — my attempts for drawing, coloring, painting and anything else

Blog — random, quirky, eclectic rants, observations and little thoughts

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