A Writer’s Life for Me!

I love writing.  I have been writing for as long as I can remember.  Writing assignments were always my favorite ones, but somehow the possibility of becoming an author eluded me.  I attended multiple Universities focusing in Media Studies, Business Administration, Biology and Computer Science.  It was all extremely interesting, but after having to move a few times and finding that my major was occasionally unavailable, I realized I had a conglomeration of courses and nowhere to go.  While I enjoyed my multitudinous courses, I finally recognized that none of those things were my passion.  As I regaled one of my friends with a new story idea I was working on (I was always working on something), he told me that I just needed to be a writer and stop worrying about everything else.  In the same week my Mother mentioned my penchant for writing and suggested that perhaps writing is what I should be doing.  It was as though a light bulb literally flickered on.  Sorry to use such a cliche, but it is the truth.  I had always thought of writing as something I could do “on the side”, but had neglected to understand that I could make it my career.

I am now attending Southern New Hampshire University to obtain my Bachelor’s in Creative Writing with an emphasis in fiction.  I think many people consider writing to be easy, but it is still “work”.  One could even say it is more difficult than going to the office for a job because one has to be self-disciplined.  An author needs to research extensively depending on the type of book being written, to make sure what they write sounds believable.  There are days, many in fact, when inspiration is absent and writing feels like mentally slogging through a pile of molasses and mud. The rewards are amazing though, when you complete that first draft.  Then you realize you need to rewrite half of it and the process starts again.  Such is the life of a writer I guess.

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