So there are two types of Ninjawriting:

1. writing in stealth mode either in name (i.e. incognito, pen name) or by hiding (hermit writers who don’t emerge from their abode for days at a time)

2. writing content which stealthily carries a hefty impact (i.e. avoiding preachiness)

So, I was recently working on a story when my Mom mentioned that it sounded very similar to a Hallmark movie.  One which I have never seen, but after hearing her describe, feel it necessary to scrap my work.  Slightly upsetting to throw out forty pages of work (could be worse…like having to rewrite significant portions of my approx. 800 page manuscript).

The good part about this, is that I figure it was more of a “fluff” story.  Happy, simple story line, slightly different twist at the end.  Instead I now get to focus on a different idea I had a couple of weeks ago which would really enable me to do some ninjawriting and highlight some sociopolitical issues.  I guess it was meant to be, so I am going to look at this as a blessing and get to work! I am even more excited to write this new story than I was the old one.

Seize the day!


  1. […] Anyway, back on topic.  I am talking about when you finally slog through a manuscript and you realize at the end that it is not what you hoped it would be (mentioned in A. Christine’s blog in much more detail –link above–). I alluded to trashing a manuscript in another post entitled “Ninjawriting”, […]

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