10 Things I Need For Successful Writing

1)  Coffee, in copious amounts.  Preferably an unlimited supply.

2)  My trusty laptop (Which is becoming not-so-trusty lately.  Replacement laptop, here I come).

3)  Red pens (I love to edit in red, it helps me detach a bit emotionally from my work).

4)  Inspiring music.  When I write action scenes, I love listening to soundtracks from Star Wars.  I’m always      hoping I’ll be able to create a great story through a type of osmosis. 

5)  Chocolate.  There can NEVER be too much chocolate. EVER. 

6)  Asking random “what if” questions like:  What if my coffee mug automatically refilled itself?  I might just think “awesome!”.  On a good day, it might inspire a whole story, or part of one. 

7)  Time — duh.  Seriously, even five minutes helps me out, but I really like to have more time than that.  It’s just how I roll.

8)  Someone to bounce my ideas off (who will not steal them).

9)  Trusted editor (could be a linguistically-gifted friend).

10)  PubIt.com — oh yeah, that is my plan.  Ebook, baby!

So do any of you have a list, or something that you absolutely must have in order to write well?


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