Writing Awesomeness! I Hope…

So, by the title of my post you know that hopefully there is some awesomeness coming in a few moments.  First, I have to apologize because I know I just posted yesterday and I hate to annoy you with my frequent postings, but I really can’t help myself today.

Here’s the scoop, I was sitting around at work and decided that it might be a good idea to put some short stories, poems and do a story series on a separate page on my blog.  Free stories, that can’t be bad.  At least I hope it will not be bad.  If it were, I would just be horribly embarrassed.  For now, I’m excited about it.  I am certain that this is not a method of procrastinating on writing my main story, this is more like multitasking.  I cannot write my main story at work, but I can work on small snippets.  At least this is what I am telling myself.  In just a bit, a tantalizing piece of story will magically appear at the following location:


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