Writing, Coffee, Oranges and Other Randomness

This is a pretty random post, because today feels like a day of randomness.  So today I am wearing my coffee;  why not make a fashion statement about caffeine while drinking it? Sure, sounds like a great plan to me.  The coffee creamer at work has completely hijacked my taste buds, my orange tasted like soap.  Also, am feeling bereft due to my trusty laptop being in the hospital.  It needs a replacement plastic component for the bottom of it or I would suffer from possible burns! Can’t have that.

More randomness:  I can report a very odd, but strangely compelling dream.  I will not share it, but I will say I could potentially incorporate it into a story scene.  The lack of my laptop leaves me relatively storyless which  means that I am free to work on The Chronicles of Jane Windall, while remaining guilt-free (yay!).  I will most likely update that page once every week (I am shooting tentatively for Mondays), however, I feel compelled to put up at least one more section this week so we get a bit of Jane’s back-story.   The writing is not fantastic, it just pretty much goes straight from brain to page which is not always the greatest for me…but I’m using it as a sort of freewriting online therapy which will help me improve my writing habits (hopefully).  So that is the goal.  Plus, if you are extremely bored, it will give you a way to kill a few minutes.

You can check out my last blog, which talks a bit more about my new page (containing The Chronicles of Jane Windall) https://crampedwriting.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/writing-awesomeness-i-hope/

In summary:

1)   Stay far away from crappy coffee creamers, avoid at all costs!

2)  Soapy-tasting oranges are kinda gross

3)  If you have to take your laptop to the computer hospital, have a writing back-up plan so you don’t go crazy (this perhaps only applies to me, but hey…it is something I learned)

4)  Wearing your coffee is not a blunder, it a caffeinated fashion statement of awesome proportions

More craziness next time!  I promise to eventually get around to mentioning a couple of books I’m currently reading.  I will try to review them as well.

One last thing before I go, check out Michelle Proulx’s awesome news on her blog:



  1. Thanks for the mention! And I’ve heard that the runway models in Milan have started wearing their coffee — they call it Coffee Couture. Sometimes they spice things up with a nice slice of jalapeno fromage — they call that Cheesy Coffee Couture.

    Okay, I’m done. Keep being awesome 😀

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