“Writer’s Blah”, the Writer’s Blues

Today I have a major case of writer’s blah. It’s not writer’s block, it is just a ginormous case of “meh”.  Yesterday, I ditched my freewrite exercise which probably was a terrible idea, but I was irritable, cranky and went to bed instead. I thought that would be the end, but it wasn’t.  Had a terrible sleep and now am faced with an overcast day (which actually makes me a bit relieved in some ways) and sleepy eyelids.

So here’s what my writer’s blah feels like to me.  I have ideas, lots of ideas that I could write down.  I have no time whatsoever to do it, or to dedicate to flushing out my characters.  This makes me cranky, so I try to read instead.  I keep getting interrupted while trying to finish Eon which makes me even more cranky, since I am quickly approaching the end of the book and stuff is really starting to get good.

I guess what it boils down to for me, is that crankiness is the worst thing for my productivity.  It isn’t that my ideas are gone, it is that I don’t feel that I can write.  Emotionally, my writing would suck.  I’m guessing all my characters would be either mean, or victims. What I really need is time to myself, without interruptions.  It does help me to know that a few people are apparently having similar feelings this week. You can check out their awesome posts by clicking the links below:




Yeah, obviously not alone here. Sorry about the completely uninspiring post. Maybe I’ll try to work on the Chronicles of Jane Windall because that usually picks  me up out of a funk.  ~Sigh~ I just have to work up to doing that. I have no coffee, no chocolate, left my music at home and forgot my sequel to Eon. >.<   Meh.  At least I have a cherry amp.  Watch out Friday…I may wake up sometime before 10pm, and then you will pay for my case of writer’s blah!


  1. Hey, great post! I definitely understand where you’re coming from with the whole ‘writer’s bleh’ thing. I can’t quite pin it down, but for me I think it’s this feeling like I’m not emotionally interesting enough at that moment in time to make the characters and plot as gripping as they need to be. Something that helps me is to just get myself in a good, energized mood (either watching some comedy tv shows or stand-up, reading — which seems to be a strategy of yours, or even just going out for a snack). Hope you find a way to get out of the funk.

  2. Thank you! You definitely mention some great ideas to get out of such a funk, so thank you for sharing. I’m thinking tonight is going to be a movie night so I can put my brain on hold and re-energize. 🙂

  3. Yep…I can soooo relate! Bleh is the perfect word for it! “Want to write today?” “Eh…”
    “Want to paint today?” “Eh…” “Want to get off your butt today?” …you get the point lol.

  4. lol! Exactly, this feels exactly like a Monday for me. When people ask me how my day is going, I literally just want to shrug and say “Meh”. Somehow I don’t think that will fly though.

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