The Random Thoughts of a Somnolent Writer

Today I am writing to you in a nearly comatose mental state, so I apologize in advance for any strangeness which may hereafter commence.  This somnolence wraps me in a comforting blanket of warmth and beckons.  I will have to eschew such late nights (or is it early mornings?) in the future.   Sadly, the cause of my current torpidity was not mirthful and in no way involved copious amounts of alcohol (I actually don’t like the stuff very much), but was homework related.

Luckily for me, I have some time off work for which I am very grateful.  If only that meant I would be able to rest in peaceful slumber for an indeterminate amount of time.  That will most likely not be the case though; I have been waking frequently during the night for no apparent reason.  Perhaps my imagination is conjuring images of things that go “bump” in the night.  At this moment though, I feel as though a tractor could park itself on my head and I would not really notice.  I hope this fog of sleepiness recedes; I had planned to finish another installment of The Chronicles of Jane Windall and will be quite put out if I am unable to write anything except nonsense.

I am trying to coerce my brain into functioning, but the only coffee I possess (worth drinking) is instant decaffeinated coffee.  Completely useless.  It is absolutely frigid at the moment and since I have no control over the temperature I currently have a blanket tucked around me, but I feel the need for more warmth.  Perhaps I will bask in the sunshine like some reptilian entity later.  Interesting how thoughts meander in the alternate reality between wakefulness and sleep.  I will continue to try and rouse my cells to a more active level today and will fight with pen in hand. Onward!

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