I Forgot My Awesome at Home

Today, I have left my awesome at home.  Not sure why, but people seem to be extraordinarily cranky.  My theory always blames odd behavior on moon cycles.  True Story.  Anywho, since I am tired and becoming cranky myself…this post will NOT be filled with awesomeness of any kind.  Really. I pretty much just want cake.  Lots of cake.  Apparently, this post will be full of randomness.  Perhaps that will make up for the lack of awesomeness.  Pretty much I am just going to give you unimportant updates.

So, in relation to The Chronicles of Jane Windall: Third installment is coming along; going through the first edit since this past week was crazy busy.  These are turning out to be pretty wordy installments, it looks like it will take me more than a week to post these (you have already figured that out, but I feel compelled to state the obvious).  Currently this installment is just shy of 3,000 words and will hopefully be much shorter after a few edits.

I am estimating that by Thursday or Friday I will have a minor review of the book Eon, by Alison Goodman.  I say minor because if you have not read it, I do not want to spoil the story.  Instead, my focus will be the value as seen from a writer’s perspective. There were some interesting things about the book which I felt might be beneficial to highlight.

Lastly, I’m thinking I want to solidify a posting schedule (with the exception of The Chronicles of Jane Windall).  If you feel inclined, pick days that work best to receive posts and I will take that into consideration.  Besides…it is just kind of fun to click on stuff.

That is all for the randomness.  I’m going to go work on figuring out what hobbies I want to pursue during my exciting two weeks without homework!

Have a great rest of the week, and don’t be like me…remember to bring your awesome with you!



















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