Crazy Fridays

It’s funny how sometimes certain things make an impression on us.  Today while leaving the building for my lunch, I suddenly saw nothing but EXIT signs.  Now, those signs have been there for years.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I know this.  Today was the first time that those signs seemed to be speaking directly to me.  Their red glow was like a warning, telling me to exit and not return.  Of course, I did not listen.  It is strange that I just happened to notice those signs today, no extraordinary day, and that I could pick out a message from this. While standing in a corridor I realized there were a total of three illuminated “exit” signs spanning the short hallway.  I’m sure it was just my subconscious trying to work free, but it was still an odd feeling.

If someone had invited me to go run through the field adjacent to work and never go back, I might very well have done it today.  I might have spent some quality time contemplating this message which seemed to be meant for me.  Logically though, I tell myself that for now I will need to continue.  For the most part I like my job and feel very fortunate, which is why this strange “Exit” message is more meaningful than it otherwise might have been. Perhaps it is just my mind, straining against self-imposed restrictions.  My subconscious may be telling me to stretch out my untested wings and take that first risk.

Later in the day:

Okay, this turned out to be a very interesting day.  Apparently it was not my subconscious telling me to get the heck out of dodge.  It was more along the lines of a premonition or sixth sense.  Needless to say, it was a very interesting day but I’m happy to report that I’ve escaped with at least half of my sanity intact…I think.

Yay for Friday!

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