Oops! It is Thursday

Sorry guys and gals! I know that people pretty much voted for Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts…and I got caught up in the hubbub of Wednesday and failed you! ūüė¶

I have absolutely nothing of interest to report. ¬†Not a thing. ¬†I’ve been selfishly poring over sappy romance novels during all my spare minutes and working on a couple of short stories. ¬†I have some projects lined up to take care of, and then I’ll be back with classes in addition to work in just a few days. ¬†Hectic. I . ¬†I’ll probably spam you all with YouTube video links or something of that nature.

Since I have been reading sappy romance novels, I just have to say “Really?!” ¬†I like reading them, but seriously. ¬†They just make me roll my eyes somethings. ¬†I don’t believe people like those characters actually exist. ¬†Perhaps I’m a bit pessimistic, but I prefer to think about it as realistic. ¬†I want the characters to be real, not perfect. ¬†What makes it engaging is seeing the flaws, and realizing that they still have good qualities which make them perfect for each other. ¬†Ah well, despite the eye rolling I’m still reading them. ¬†They’ll either make me happy or I’ll laugh at the stories. ¬†Kind of a win-win situation there.

That’s all for today!

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