Random Ramblings on My Strange Reality

So apparently this week, I have all my days mixed up.  Instead of posting on Wednesday, I posted on Thursday.  Then last night I realized I hadn’t put up anything for Friday.  Not even a silly poem or cartoon.  How remiss of me!

I have the distinct impression that I am most definitely biting off more than I can chew at this point in my life, but I’m still loving it.  Sure, it can be stressful at times but I don’t really mind.  I know that there’s this little spot of perfection that I’m trying to reach, though I know it may be unattainable.  That does not mean I will stop trying.  I just wink at the challenge, saunter up and take its hand.  Yep, that is how I roll.

Since taking full time courses (it is only two courses at a time, it sounds crazier than it really is) does not appear to be enough for me to do, especially when I have a week off, I have added many more things to my plate.  I’ve been writing some poetry here and there, working on cartooning, educating myself about HTML, XHTML and CSS (for a website that I may want to set up), writing various stories, reading profusely, cooking from scratch and of course working full time.  This week, I really have felt like skipping gleefully out of the door at work so I could dabble in all of the other MUCH cooler stuff I have going on right now.  I’m just itching to be able to jump right into “the thick of it”.

Today will be a very slow day at work, I am kind of wishing I brought my crochet.  It makes me feel productive.  Perhaps my cartooning will go a little bit better.  Getting an idea from my head onto the paper does not always work (I frequently win the Captain Obvious award, or so my ex-husband says).

Lately, as in nearly the past month, my dreams have been crazy.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think I was pregnant, but I know that is not even a possibility.  So, what to do about these dreams?  Why, when I am trying to write happy little romance stories do I keep dreaming in the horror genre?  What is up with that?  I have not really considered writing in the horror genre because overall I don’t like it that much (sorry horror fans).  I can’t even blame my current obsession with catching up on all the available episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” either.  The dreams don’t appear to be related at all.

Maybe this is the opposite of writer’s block.  It’s like writer’s uh….writer’s hijacking or something. Yeah. Apparently death, war, fear and helplessness weave into a strange seduction in my odd little brain.  Meh.  I wonder if I did write something in the horror genre if the dreams would subside? Maybe it’s time to start work on story #5, or is it #6?  I’m losing count.  Good thing these unfinished stories are on a hard drive, otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d be lost under an extensive pile of paper.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Back to work for me!

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