I can feel my synapses firing folks!  This is going to be a good Monday! You know why?  I’ll tell you why! Because today, I woke up easily.  Just so you understand, that is a feat of monumental proportions.  Especially considering that I hadn’t taken my thyroid medication yesterday and should have felt quite dead.

So, this turns of events has me quite thrilled and ready to enjoy all the other small, inconsequential happy tidbits of the day.  Yessiree!  I love, love, love my classes: Philosophy and an English class.  A teensy bit of exposure to those in a previous post here:

Also it’s a great Monday because Ollin had a post that tickled my fancy today.  Genius, love it!  Thanks for making my Monday even greater!  Of course, I just had to share this little gold nugget for anyone whose Monday so far, is less than stellar.  Go, check it out and be merry!

Hopefully that was a little pick-me-up.  Onto brave and daring things, and embracing spontaneity folks.   Seize the day you say?  Eh, today you should freaking dominate! Go forth and spread Awesomeness!

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