Siphoning Time

Good morning, afternoon, evening;  however it applies to you lovers of the written word around the world!  I witnessed an interesting phenomenon the other day and felt I may as well share my ruminations. 

While I worked the other day, I had to time something for a customer.  I glanced at the clock, making careful note of the time 8:17.  We talked for a few minutes, longer than the 1 minute we needed and when I looked at the clock it now read 8:14.  How sad that my immediate conclusion was that I had somehow made a mistake.  Regardless of what was right in front of me, an eyewitness account, I thought that I was at fault because to me the alternate was much less believable.

Then the implications of what this could mean crashed down with all the force of an ancient portcullis.  Was I just swindled out of  four minutes?  It should have been 8:18 and then it went to 8:14.  How possible would this be on a global scale?  Would people notice in general, or would we be more likely to let it slide even if we did actually notice, presuming, as I first did that the error is our own?  Imagine a world where time can be siphoned slowly from us, minute by minute without our notice.  At four minutes per day, one has just been swindled out of 1,460 minutes in a year.  In twenty years of working it adds up to 29,200 minutes.  That is the equivalent of approximately 20 full days.  I suppose in the grand scheme of things, this should not concern me because by the time that happens, I will be so old I will forget it happened.  For some reason though, this entire concept horrifies me.  I know that this is simply a strange glitch on my working computer (at least that is what I am sincerely hoping), but if there were unethical entities who could (and I’m sure they can) program the time to “fall back” a few minutes so that people would not notice, we really could be robbed of our most precious commodity.  Now technically, the time “happened” so it wasn’t actually lost, but I’m sure you can see how this “glitch” could be used to gain just a few minutes here and there on the part of enterprising companies and individuals.

Yes, I realize that this seems to have very little to do with writing.  I wondered though, if it was  the mere fact that I’m studying writing, which enabled me to pay attention to those details  I otherwise may not have noticed.  Funny how the world of a writer, sometimes, seems to be just a little bit different. 🙂  Or perhaps it’s just me being fanciful.  I, of course, couldn’t possibly be NORMAL.  ~gasp~ What a horrible thought! lol.

Be strong, be brave, be full of awesome!


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