Coffee and Other Randomness

Sorry I skipped yesterday’s post! I wasn’t feeling too well and spent the day in a manner resembling a feline.  Feeling a bit better today and am back to working on my classes and a new crochet project.  One of these days, when I have lots of uninterrupted time (so that should be um…never), I want to do a painting that has been stuck in my head.  It’s probably better NOT to do the painting though, because it is sure to look nothing like the vision in my head which will only disappoint me and give me the grumbles.  So its actually a good thing that I haven’t the time to devote to such an endeavor.

I found this incredible shade of yarn, like an orange color, but not.  They call it “Coral” but it’s a lie, I tell you! So to any normal passerby I would look like I was missing a few marbles, gazing in exasperated wonder at the yarn.  I’ve enlisted the help of my mother in redefining the color of this yarn because for some reason it has become an unsolvable problem which must be solved.  I, like Sherlock Holmes, am just the one to solve it.  Why?  Because I have the yarn, and therefore the responsibility lies on my shoulders.  So far, in bright light, the yarn appears to be a cross between melon and coral, so I’m thinking maybe “Meral” or “Cormelon”.

Oh! And speaking of Sherlock Holmes I was finally able to see the second movie (starring Robert Downy, Jr and Jude Law), “A Game of Shadows”, directed by Guy Ritchie.  I loved it!! Perhaps it is just a weakness for Robert Downy, Jr.’s acting capabilities, but I think he does a great job representing the character.  When you write, do you ever have an actor or actress pop into your head which makes you think, “oh! That would be the perfect person to play my character if my book were ever made into a movie!”?  I really hope I’m not the only one this happens to occasionally.  I promise I’m not presumptuous, just an optimist 🙂 .

In other randomness, in honor of National Coffee Day, check out this link about professions which rely most on coffee: 

I ❤ coffee!

Favorite flavor ever:  raspberry coffee

Runner up:  Dunkin’ Donuts Strawberry Shortcake coffee

Third:  French vanilla coffee

The new(er) Gevalia coffees are wicked tempting, I’m afraid they may usurp my current favorites but I feel myself caving.  I must try new flavor awesomeness!!  What are your favorites coffees?  Any recommendations? One can seriously never have a supply of too much coffee.  It just doesn’t happen.  Suggestions?  Favorites? Other randomness? Comment! (please ~angelic smile~)

P.S.  I think I’m going to call this ADHD-style writing.  Yes, I do think it should be a style…nicknamed “fun” or maybe “random”.   For now, I’m going to visit the grocery store and gleefully (oops, sneaky adverbs) succumb to the temptation for yummy coffee.

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