So I finally set up my twitter account.  I did so reluctantly because while I find it somewhat useful, there also seems to be a good deal of “clutter”.  Not to mention the fact that I figured I would not get any followers anyway.  Happily I had a couple followers within about a day, who will probably stop following me later, but I was jazzed.  Yes, you probably have hundreds of twitter followers, but I’m excited by small amounts of progress.  It’s what helps keep me going.  Which reminds me, that I’m closing in on 30,000 words on my story!  ~squee~  Okay, it’s more like 27,000 but I can round up, right? 🙂

Oh, and if you do want to follow me on twitter, I intend to post interesting links I find.  You can follow me @CamikaHayes. I’m still an egghead until I can get a pic uploaded.  Isn’t technology great though?  I mean, sure I sometimes find it irksome, but really, how amazing is it that I could potentially connect with anyone around the world?  For a writer, at least for me, being able to interact with innumerable people in various countries is amazing.  I love hearing from them and following their blogs.  Feel free to post links to your own blogs and twitter feeds etc. if you want.  At the moment I can’t really travel as I’d love to do, but technology still makes it possible for me to expand my cultural horizons.  I know a lot of writers and others, think of social media as a way to create a platform.  It is, it’s a great tool.  If that is the only thing I thought about using new technology, I don’t think I’d stick to a blog or twitter or even Facebook (stupid games).  It is just fun, it’s great to be able to share with people who care about your progress, your life journey and choose to share it with you.  That’s what they’re saying when they click “follow”.  Awesome, right?

Not everyone has an extensive support network in their endeavors, whether writing or something else, and I cannot imagine how helpful it is to have others to share with and to receive feedback from.  Feedback is crucial to writers.  I can get your opinions perhaps on cover art, contests to run, possibly even have some of you read some of my work and give helpful suggestions.  So, not only do we have this amazing online community full of talented individuals and beautiful souls to interact with, we also may reap intangible benefits from support and suggestions.  To me that is incredible and I have found online communities to be full of encouragement and people who are willing to help you reach your goals and dreams.  I hope everyone has similar experiences and remember that everyone following you is someone who is interested in your life journey, someone who wants to be in the picture.

Anyway, here’s virtual ~hugs~ for you all.  Have a stellar weekend and be full of your normal awesomeness!!

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