Autumn Enticements: Why I Love Autumn

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year, perhaps my absolute favorite.  For some reason, I’m quite backwards.  I feel as though everything is new in Autumn instead of Spring.  I find myself wanting to “Autumn clean” (is that a thing?).  The crisp bite of cooler air invades my sleepy senses, prodding my brain to alertness.  The other months of the year, in contrast, I feel as though I have been in hibernation, waiting for Autumn.  It’s similar to how I feel about night.  I love sunlight and the day (I promise I’m not a vampire), but there is something tantalizing about night.  Night and Autumn both stir some obscure emotion.  With both of those, I feel as though I’m on the cusp of something.  Perhaps it is the cooler air which revives and simultaneously tempts with possibilities.  Perhaps it is simply aesthetic, the wonder of which is bound up in the foliage finally displaying magnificent hues which have been a conformist green until Autumn, or the contrast of sharp points of light against an inky night sky.  Perhaps I am merely programmed to feel this way because school started anew each September, promising new knowledge and experiences, incredible doors which would open into new worlds.

Maybe the attraction of Autumn is symbolic.  Green signifies life, and I absolutely love to see green grass, trees, moss and plants all around me.  If I could stand the insects, I would happily live in the Jungle amongst the treetops.  Green is vibrant and invigorating, yet also calming.  How the two happen in conjunction with one another, I couldn’t tell you.  How beautiful though, that trees exhibit such personality upon the death of their leaves.  The tree itself does not die, but the leaves do and in their death they proclaim their most glorious moment of all.  They cling to the trees, crowned in a sublime raiment, holding on till the last minute when the wind whisks the leaves to the ground.  Eventually they wither, but even then, when some may think the leaves not so pretty, I love the dried texture of different leaves.  I love how they curl in on themselves, as though the brownish exterior protects the remarkable golden treasure on the other side of the leaf.  I love the crunch, and the sound of hundreds of leaves rustling as I walk through them.  Even the smell of the leaves when collecting armfuls to gleefully toss into the breeze, is a gentle hint of the essence of life which was contained in those leaves.  Even more amazing, after I am done appreciating all the other aspects of these leaves, is their final triumph. The generous sacrifice back to the earth in the form of nutrients.  There is something so simple, yet moving, to see new tiny green sprouts made strong from the nourishment of the old.  A beautiful cycle in so many ways that happens each year, but that is so easy to take for granted.

The fork in the road I sense in the Autumn might be the spirit of life itself, urging me to live each day gloriously.  There is a time to learn and grow and then, there is a time to burst with all the colors of your own unique talents.  To hold tightly, unafraid, to your dreams and be successful no matter where the wind takes you.   Perhaps this is the enchantment I feel, and the night is merely a quiet reflection of Autumn to remind me throughout the rest of the year to pursue my dreams regardless of the strength of the winds.  It’s a reminder to see the everyday successes in my life, the bigger picture.  More than that, it’s a promise for things to come in the future and a reminder to pursue my dreams.


  1. This is beautiful. I’ve always felt the same way about Autumn but could never articulate it as exquisitely as you have here. Thank you!

    • Thank you, that’s so awesome to hear. I’m glad that Autumn is just around the corner and I’ll be able to spend more time outdoors, though the sunshine has been lovely as well. Thanks for commenting!

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