Out of Hibernation

Hello again!! Sorry I have been in hiding for a while.  I was suffering from exhaustion and had a couple blood tests run.  Luckily they found that I pretty much have no Vitamin D.  I’m now on a huge does of Vitamin D and am already feeling better after only a few days.

In addition to this lovely muck I had to sort through, I also came to the startling realization that I have no time to write.  I work full time, do school work, take care of family business and try to find time to cartoon and create crafts.  Some of this I’m able to accomplish while working, but the real reason for everything I’m doing is so that I can become published.  Imagine my discomfiture upon the realization that it is impossible for me to ever become published if I am unable to write.  This presents a bit of a problem.  While that thought mulled around in my brain, a series of little events began to pile up in such a way which warranted, or rather demanded my attention.

The conclusion to all this thinking led me to believe that I must resign at my current job and ferociously launch into writing as much as possible.  The timing is perfect and everything appears to be falling into place.  This is absolutely the craziest thing I have ever done.  It is scary, but unless I take a leap of faith and give myself the opportunity to succeed, I will end up failing for merely never having tried.  This of course, is unacceptable to me.  We shall see how this journey of insanity turns out, but I have high hopes and a fair amount of stubborn determination.  This is quite exciting and hopefully I’ll have some interesting thoughts or perhaps amusing stories to share along the way.   I can’t claim to have more wisdom, I’m pretty sure I’m out of that at the moment, to which my current decision will no doubt attest.

This promises to be at best a great time before a small success.  At worst, it could be somewhat of a catastrophe financially but rich in experience.  I can’t wait to see how everything will turn out! You can expect more posting for sure.  Also, for some great writing advice check out Jeff Goins’ blog:  http://goinswriter.com/

Lots of great stuff on his blog, and I encourage you to sign up for his newsletter as well.  He occasionally has giveaways or news to share through that medium.  He has played a part in my recent decisions and has tons of wisdom to share for those who are trying to become published authors.

Until next time…have a great week!



    • Thank you! If a person can be happily terrified, that’s me right about now. I imagine if nothing else this will create lots of hilarious mishaps which might later end up in a book. 🙂

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