NaNoWriMo And Spontaneous Combustion

I am so excited! Why am I excited?  I’ll tell you.  NaNoWriMo!  Yes, I am so thrilled that I am about coming out of my skin with crazy giddiness.  People are beginning to give me curious glances as I sit giggling to myself about my writing ideas.  I barely even notice.  I definitely don’t care.  Well, not too much.  I end up trying to stifle my giggles behind two hands, which probably doesn’t do anything for the theories of my insanity that the “other” people watching no doubt harbor.

But seriously?  November 1st is almost here!!! Yes indeedy! The problem I’m having right now is, well okay there’s more than one, but the main thing is trying NOT to begin writing.  I refuse to start writing early, but I’m at the point where this crazy storyline has popped into my head and I NEED to start writing or I’m going to …ahem…spontaneously combust.  Yep, I will.  I swear I will.  I’m pretty sure that smoky smell is the precursor.  False alarm, it was just the broken burner on my stove.

So back to the matter at hand.  Do I stay up October 31st, wait until it officially changes to November 1st and then begin writing immediately?  Part of me says this is the way to go.  The other slightly less-excited and altogether more boring part of me says I should be sensible, get a decent night’s sleep and then write when I’m fully refreshed.  This is probably the approach I’m going to take because I am sure I will need to stock up on amps, coffee supplies, chocolate and figure out if I’m going to use a lucky pen, pencil or just  Also, since instead of drinking binges I go on writing binges, chances are I’ll want to write for an extended time.

I suppose boring, sensible me will win this round.  I fully intend to let the fun me  when I start writing though.  If I spontaneously combust in the meantime, I suppose I’ll have to have someone take down my NaNoWriMo badge.  Just another day to let the pressure build.  Mwahaha.  This might be a little scary when I unleash my excitement on my family.  Poor family.  I apologize beforehand for my imminent spontaneous combustion.

Have an awesome day, and if you plan on doing NaNoWriMo feel free to check in sometimes and share the excitement or stress. I’m sure there will be plenty of both!

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