Sink Or Swim

First of all, sorry for my absences.  I’ll probably be apologizing to you a lot here.  I may possibly have bitten off a tad more than I can chew competently.  It’s taking a while to find that spot where I have everything nicely planned out for my day.  There is actually so much catching up to do, that I feel I haven’t been able to do much else.

I have been able to begin NaNoWriMo, finally.  The first day I wrote absolutely nothing.  I had been so excited, in fact, that I thought I might “Spontaneously Combust“.  I was worried about whether or not I would be able to contain myself for an entire day until NaNoWriMo began on November 1st.  Instead, my impetus disintegrated into a pile of smoldering ashes before I even started.  I have since recovered and posted varying lengths of text.  Unfortunately I can usually only work on it late at night and eventually have to stop, not because the words have stopped flowing, but because I am too tired to lift my lids.  I’m very excited to see where my story goes, but I fear following the “don’t edit” mantra of NaNoWriMo is making me lapse into a “telling” mode.  I guess this is not of consequence if I can clean it all up after I have it written down, but I worry about creating a boring story.  It is extremely difficult to push onward while neglecting parts of the story that are most likely unnecessary.  If I were to edit it though, it defeats the entire purpose of this exercise.  The purpose is to write, every day without concern for quality.  I’m guessing part of the genius behind this movement is that the quality of one’s writing is supposed to increase as one goes.  We shall see if that is the case for me.

To-Do lists are both a lifesaver and a depressant for me.  The lists seem to get longer and longer, however, it seems I can do fewer and fewer things on those lists per day.  I imagine at some point I’ll end up in an oversized roll of paper, trying to find my way out from the never-ending sheet wound all around me.  If I had to try and remember each task I needed to complete, I would without a doubt, lose the remaining shreds (however few there may be) of my sanity.  I must thank the to-do list for saving me that, but I admit it is depressing at the end of the day to look at my list and scratch off only two items.

My solution?  I’m going to have to put more stuff on my list so I can cross off more.  This sounds childish, I know, but it actually works.  If I need to do dishes, I’m going to put it on my list.  If I need to sweep the floor, I’m going to put it on the list.  Those are things which I neglect to add to the list most of the time, but which need to be done.  I’m actually doing a lot of things throughout the day, and I think my to-do list should reflect my true accomplishments.  Since those menial tasks must be done, I see no reason why I should NOT put them on my list.  After all, the more accurate I can be about what exactly needs to get done, the better I’ll be able to organize my time (in theory).

So, I’m thinking that there must be different sizes of super hero capes for different jobs.  I’m going to make my to-do list for the day and then I will hopefully know exactly what size super-hero cape I’m going to need in order to complete the list.  Perhaps it would be easier to get a replicator and then just replicate myself?  Nah.  I’ll just do things the old-fashioned way.

Thanks for bearing with me through the craziness of this journey, for the moment I am treading water.  It’s hard work, but well worth the effort.  Have a great day and I’ll try to post more regularly. 🙂

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