This is great advice for anyone trying to write, or produce any work of their own. Had to share!



Now that I’ve got two books under my belt –though I’m by no means an expert– I’ve got some tips to share. Your mileage may vary.

1. Write every week day, as if it’s your job. If you want to ‘be a writer’ then writing is your damn job. Do it after your job that pays the bills. Or get up early and do it before the kids wake up. Turn off the damn television and write!

2. Have a goal for the day. Mine is 500 words. Maybe yours is one scene or five pages or something else. Sit down at your desk and don’t get up until you hit your goal, even if the words aren’t flowing, you’re having an off day or everything you write is shitty.

3. Don’t edit as you go. There will be time. What you need now is keep your mojo going. Write…

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