Greatness in the Making, One Person at a Time

Greatness has never been achieved by mediocrity or apathy.  In our everyday lives it is often difficult to see a way to achieve any level of greatness.  Perhaps we can say to ourselves, we are “good parents”, or “good workers”.  Perhaps we can claim we are great.  There comes a time when we have an opportunity to reach for more than we feel we should, to chase our dreams, or to stand firmly for what we believe regardless of hate, ridicule or repercussions.  History is made, not by those who sit tamely in cages, but by those with the courage to stand and break out of them.  Prisoner Holding Cigarette Between Bars

 I had a post already composed for what I learned by doing NaNoWriMo, but today something has come to my attention which deserves the spotlight.  Most, if not all of us, have heard the stories of our history in which entire countries are relegated to propaganda. When we live in fear of having an opinion or belief because of how we might be treated or labeled, we have no freedom.

Encroaching on the accessibility of information, be it in the form of opinions, beliefs, or facts is a disastrous limitation.  Allowing this activity is passive permission to further regulate and control the dissemination of information. Who then, will regulate those who regulate the internet?  Who will stand for those who can no longer afford the internet when it becomes taxed? Will we stand for true equality, or will we allow a select few to determine those who are worthy to access information?

Whether people live in poverty or wealth, I believe they should all have access to the same information.  One can sort through information to find truth, if one is interested.  Those who do not, most certainly may be bigots, but true freedom allows those people to have their opinions.  We cannot claim freedom for the “few”.  What criteria would be used to determine those worthy of freedom?  Either we have true freedom for all, risking some negative with the positive, or we all eventually lose our freedom.

This is neither progress, nor freedom.  Truth is freedom, and without truth we fall prey to  the whims of dictators and the power-hungry.

Here’s an article explaining briefly what I’m talking about:

If you want to take a stand, go here:

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