For The Love of Art and Copics

Happy Monday!!

If the rest of you, like me, are physically pulling your eyelids up to try and greet the day…well, I’m sorry.  I would say, “Take heart! The day will get better!”, but I can’t really guarantee that.  I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend.  I took the opportunity to nearly-finish my extensive to-do list.  I have started another one for the next couple of days as well which already has quite a few things crossed off.

I’ve completed (for the most part) my “home office” transition and am very excited.  My whiteboard appears to be staying on the wall, which is awesome.  We shall see how the day goes.  I anticipate an exceptionally fruitful day of work and skill development.  I drew a few things over the past few days, even attempted to turn a picture of someone I know into a sort of manga-style rendition.  It came out better than I thought it would, which was nice.  Since I’ve been talking about drawing and coloring with these lovely Copic markers, I figured I would get you a little video that I found on YouTube.  This is what I’m hoping to eventually be able to create (well, stuff kind of like that):

Warning: you might get a little dizzy watching, but it is well worth it.  So beautiful!

If you like this, don’t forget to subscribe to MissKerrieJ’s channel!

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