Mid-week Ruminations: Complete and Total Randomness

Top of the morning to you!

I am so excited to finally see some snow on the ground.  Everyone else thinks I am insane, but I am really only halfway there.  🙂

I was a bit achy after shoveling (it was only a little bit of snow) because of how I had to twist sideways a good portion of the time.  I don’t wish for accidents or things like that, but I really do enjoy snow.  It makes me happy and I remember all the excitement and magic it held for me when I was a kid.  That just hasn’t gone away yet.  I hope it never will.  I love the holidays so I may yak about them a bit. This is not to exclude any other holidays, it’s simply because I am me, and I celebrate Christmas.  So consider this fair warning.  😉

I was thinking about Winter, and I’m pretty sure that I eat more ice cream in Winter than I do in Summer.  I’m thinking today will be a great day for baking.  That means I have to go get some ingredients though.  I’m thinking chocolate chip cookies (I use the Toll House recipe…yum)  and oatmeal raisin cookies are on the agenda and probably a cake too.  We have a birthday this week, I swear I am not eating all of this myself!  Now if it were peanut butter fudge or sugar cookies, that would be an entirely different story.

Well, that is all for this strange post of randomness.  It was entirely pointless, just a string of meandering thoughts.  Have an awesome day, at least the week is half over right?


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