Free = Awesome: Giveaway and New Year’s Goals

Yet another Monday is at hand. Only two more of those left this year.  It is a good time to ruminate about the past and plan for the future.  I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I do write out a list of goals most years.  I include immediate and manageable goals, as well as some long-term goals which I may not complete.  Writing a list at the beginning of each year allows me to analyze and realign my priorities.  Goodness, that sounds like some kind of financial report.  I swear I am not a stuffy executive lounging in an opulent office with a jet at my personal disposal.

Back to lists though.  There are a few goals (I may share a few from my list once it is completed) I will try to accomplish, but overall I think it will be a big ball of crazy this year.  This year is different in many ways; I’m going to be asking for help this year.

What kind of help?

One of my goals this year is to create a list of thirty books to read.  I want a wide variety of books to feed and encourage my mind.  Not keen on a lot of violence.  If you have checked out my Goodreads profile (link on the right) you’ll see that there is a lot from the SciFi, Fantasy, and Paranormal genres.  Those are my favorite genres but I believe in spicing things up, so if there is a book you absolutely love and want to recommend, I would love to hear any and all suggestions! I figure the most authentic way to broaden my horizons was to have multiple other people give recommendations, rather than come up with books I might already subconsciously (or consciously) favor.

Pretty weird?  Cool? Quirky?

That’s not the only thing I need help with though.

There’s more?

Just one more thing (this one is intended to be mutually beneficial). I am working towards developing my profile as a freelance editor.  My graduation date has been moved up and I’ll be graduating this coming year (2013). In an effort to establish my credibility, I’ll be giving away a “free edit” for a finished manuscript of 100,000 (or fewer) words.

What does this include?

1)  Proofreading (assistance and correction of basic grammatical and syntactical errors)

2)  Substantive editing (assistance with direction, flow, character stylization, story arcs     and continuity)

3)  Any observations made during the process which will be of assistance (font size, type, style)

How long will the editing take?

That’s the tricky question. I will not refuse any manuscript, nor will I choose one based upon writing competence or content.

What does that mean?

I believe that everyone has a story to tell.  I believe everyone deserves a chance to tell their story, and that it should be the best possible version of that story.  There is no story which starts out perfectly.  It just does not happen.  As you can imagine, there will be varying levels of writing and consequently more (or less) editing may be necessary.  I cannot give you a time estimate due to variances in manuscripts.

I can pledge that I will work on your manuscript diligently until it is finished.  This is a project which will involve the writer a great deal.  I will seek your opinion at times, and will check to make sure that I am sharing the same vision you have for your manuscript.  I will provide a separate file with any suggestions and/or corrections highlighted and marked.  You will have the ultimate decision over the changes.  These files can be sent either on a timed schedule such as once or twice per week, or per chapter depending on your preference.  Since you will be receiving frequent updates and will be corresponding with me, you will know that your manuscript is in good hands.

My immediate goal is to establish my portfolio; my ultimate goal is to hone a story into a publishing-worthy piece.  I understand if you have questions about this promotion, so please feel free to use any of the links to the right to contact me, or email me at You don’t have to be a follower (minion if you prefer a more interesting term) of my blog, nor do you need to “like” anything.  Tell anyone you think might be interested, share the possibilities and opportunities with others.  All you have to do is email me your name and put “edit giveaway” in the subject.  I’ll say that since it is not manuscript based, only one entry per person is necessary.  I’ll trust that no one will try to enter multiple times from different email addresses.  It’ll waste time and effort that could be spent on, well, editing. 🙂

So…if you want to get your manuscript edited for FREE (and what have you got to lose?), email me ( according to the instructions above.  The deadline is January 15, 2013.  I figure that is a pretty cool way to start the New Year.  Don’t forget about reading recommendations please! You can reply to this post or holler via email, just make sure to designate it as “book recommendation” or something similar.  I don’t want to miss any of these awesome emails!

Hopefully this made your Monday spectacular!  Sorry for such a long post today, but I’m working on getting a shorter post or maybe just a picture for later in the week to give your brain a reprieve.  Write your hearts out!

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