Less Than Stellar

Hey.  Lately my posts have been less than stellar.  I decided to get extremely sick on Christmas day (of course), but we had decided previously to postpone our Christmas celebration until today.  Thankfully, I was finally feeling a bit better today, but again still less than stellar.  That is the theme of my life at the moment.

There’s definitely something good to this though.  If I had not had my Thanksgiving Fail and now this kind-of -Christmas fail, I might feel as though I couldn’t possibly top this year.  It’s difficult to maintain momentum when you end on an upswing and then the following year sometimes feels like more a failure than it truly is.  I figure that since I’m feeling less than stellar at the moment, things can only get better.  I’ll certainly get my health back and I’m sure other things will also improve.  The year is a process and each little bit of the year gets me closer to my goals.  I haven’t written out my 2013 goals yet, but I am working on the reading list.   Ooh, maybe I’ll do a nifty little form in this post so you can fill it out to recommend reading material.  I’m interested in pretty much all genres because this year I want to read a wide variety of work.

Don’t forget to also submit your email address if you want to be considered for free editing of a completed manuscript.  This only runs through January 15th.  If you already submitted your info and I haven’t responded, please resubmit.  My phone went a little bonkers on some of my direct messages and I can’t find a few of them.  It also helps if you put something like “editing promo” in the subject line.  This is for manuscripts no longer than 100,000 words.

Another great thing about being sick, okay maybe not “great”, is that I get to read.  I seem to be able to stay awake for a few hours, but then have to sleep intermittently so I can’t do much other than draw and read.  Any other time I would feel exceedingly guilty if that is all I did.  I also didn’t get sick until winter break for my classes, so it  is at least a well-timed sickness.  I sincerely hope that all of you have had/are having a wonderful and safe holiday season so far.  The New Year is right around the corner and I hope if any of you have struggled or had a bit of a difficult year, that you keep your chin up.  You never know what the next year will bring.  Just don’t say, “it can’t get any worse”.  As soon as you say that, fate seems to plunk you on your figurative butt to teach you a lesson.  Learn from my mistakes.  Just keep trudging onward and know that I’m sending you warm, happy, comforting wishes.  Once I’m feeling more stellar instead of less-than-stellar, I’m going to try to post some information on copyrighting your material.  FYI:  digital copyright stuff is a PAIN.  True story.  Anything discussing digital copyright stuff should come with a headache warning.

Well, thanks for all your patience, and feel free to fill out the little form.  Yay for interactive stuff right? Hopefully… 🙂

I love hearing from everyone, you can feel free to share your favorite book title or something you thought was wacky.  I’m not going to “review” the books, it’s just a challenge to myself to read books I might not usually pick out.  What better way to do this than with the help of the awesome and eclectic group of people on the internet?  If you submitted feedback, thank you!  If not, I understand how busy holidays can be, so I’m still thrilled that you stopped on by to read.

Have a full-of-awesome day and many blessings!

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