A Brand New Year!

Ah…A brand new year!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Some of you may have had “The Year of Awesome” last year.  Others may have had “The Year of Epic Fail”.  I think mine is somewhere in between.  I really love the New Year celebration, though I’m usually too exhausted to actually celebrate (lame, I know).  It is so awesome to know that we can have another shot at trying to work towards our life-goals.  This coming year is going to be interesting.  I don’t really know what to expect, but I already know that it is going to keep me busy.  I figured I would share a few things I liked from this year and then some goals for next year.

This year’s highlights were:

  1. Officially starting this blog
  2. Getting another year of classes under my belt–yay!
  3. Getting stuck on BBC’s version of Sherlock Holmes
  4. Discovering the Buffy: Vampire Slayer series  (yeah, I know…I was supposed to watch that a long time ago but I heard it was done by Joss Whedon and had to watch it after that)
  5. Got my thyroid issue settled (supposedly)
  6. Participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time ever (super crazy and highly recommended)
  7. Embraced my inner Betty Crocker and cooked/baked a bunch from “scratch” (so proud of myself!)
  8. Beheld the addiction that is Pinterest (I only succumbed a few times, I swear)
  9. Embarked on an amazing journey of discovery, knowledge and challenge (a.k.a. becoming a freelance writer and editor)

Since these are things I really could not have predicted at the beginning of the year, I’m sure this list of “goals” for next year will be completely upended in place of something equally interesting:

  1. Complete my reading list for 2013 (at the least, hopefully more)
  2. Try new coffees (I have to make sure I include some easily-attainable goals)
  3. Finally beat Kingdom Hearts…or ANY game, really.  I won’t be picky. (I claim ADD as my excuse for not finishing my video games)
  4. Pursue my numerous hobbies
  5. Complete my first edit of one of my manuscripts
  6. Solidify some plans for a co-op type business I’m envisioning
  7. See Lindsey Stirling perform live (probably not going to happen, but I can hope)
  8. Pay off some bills (if you’re like me, that is a permanent one on the list)
  9. Begin watching the Dr. Who series (I’ve already seen a few and I know I’ll be hooked)

Both lists have nine things.  I swear I did not plan that, but it sure works out well.  I know this isn’t the normal New Year’s Resolution type of list.  I simply dislike trying to reform my character once a year.  It works a lot better for me if I take small bite-sized chunks of ways to improve myself and help others.  I get much farther than if I say I want to end up like Mother Theresa.  Working on oneself takes time and patience.  If I set a crazy goal, I’ll try to achieve it, but I’ll feel horrible if I don’t and then I’ll slide backwards.  So, I’ll be working on self-improvement throughout the year.  If you feel like sharing your goals for the New Year, leave a comment. 🙂

Above all else, I hope that you all have a wonderful year filled with blessings, happy adventures, and lots of love.

A brand new year is a brand new beginning!  Now that is full of awesome.

P.S.  Oh my gosh! I just realized that 2013 contains my lucky number 13!  So happy!

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