Sand in an Hourglass

How the time flies!
How the time flies!

First week of January is nearly gone already.  Time flies so quickly, like the grains of sand in an hourglass,slipping away.  Mentally I feel as though I’ve frozen at the age of 25, yet when I see pictures of myself I think “oh my gosh…I’m OLD!”  I know that I’m not that old, but sometimes it still feels as though I’ve let too many years of my life slip by unnoticed.  That’s the part that makes me sad.  Not because I haven’t yet made my “mark”, but because I’ve wasted so many precious seconds on “what ifs” and “maybe laters”.  A significant portion of my life is over and cannot be reclaimed.

This is a dilemma that I’ve been contemplating lately, as you can tell, and this year will hopefully include a lot growth (or maybe regression?).  Here’s a few things I’ve been mulling over and figured I’d share:

1)  Embrace life as if you were a child, that is where half of the joy is hidden

2)  Find out what you love and pursue it (legally, of course)

3) Don’t let stupid stuff wreck you, let bygones be bygones, otherwise they rule you

4) It’s okay to admit you’ve been hurt, but remember you are not alone, reach out to someone you trust

5) Yoda’s advice is awesome

6) It is true that you are only as old as you believe you are. Me? I’m like six or seven.  That way I can believe in Tinkerbell and dragons.

7) Metaphysical obstacles are just life-sized jigsaw puzzles meant to exercise our brains

8) It’s not about where you come from, it’s about the person you are on the inside

9) Believe in your abilities, even if you have to look in the mirror and tell yourself “I can do it.”

10) Don’t get wrapped up in “failure”.  It isn’t failing unless you give up afterwards, it is just one step closer to success.

A little ominous?

I’m thinking of getting an actual hourglass so that I can watch the grains of sand flowing.  There’s something both inspiring and final about watching the sand in an hourglass.  From now on I want to try and embrace my inner Awesome.  No more wasted time.  I don’t know exactly what to do in order to accomplish that goal, but I plan to muddle through regardless of how long it takes.  If you have made some resolutions, I solute you and cheer you in your efforts. If not, let this be the year that you embrace your inner Awesome, unless you’ve already done that.  If you’ve already done it then I say “well done” and please share your secrets with the rest of the people like me. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

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