Random Awesome Blathering, or Blathering Random Awesomeness Maybe?

Hallo all! That was a kind of Pooh Bear “Hallo”…I swear it’s not a typo. First of all HAPPY FRIDAY! We made it through yet another week of the year 2013. My inspiration has been all over the place lately and I’m having a great deal of trouble nailing it down, so instead I’ve just been floating along behind it with a shrug of my shoulders to see where it takes me. As of today, I have absolutely not riveting or worth advice or writing. Absolutely none. Sorry. So henceforth I’ll simply blather. You don’t mind blathering do you? How about random awesome blathering?  That has to be better than just plain blathering.

So far, my 30-book list of books to read in the year 2013 is growing by leaps and bounds and I actually stopped adding titles to my spreadsheet. I was afraid of feeling overwhelmed. So far I’ve read the first book in The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld which was an interesting read. Currently I’m reading Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. Here’s what I like about it so far without ruining it (I’ll try not to include spoilers): the book is written from the perspectives of a variety of characters of different families. Just when I think I have the link exactly figured out, some little nugget is thrown in to make me question my judgement. So far it is an interesting read, and as of yet, one I would recommend to people who like the fantasy genre.

In other “un-news” I am working on a couple of drawing projects. I’m thinking of using the iAuthor program to create a children’s ebook. I’ve been writing a bit of the book and I’m working on possible illustrations as well. It’s going to be horrendously time consuming, but so far it’s kind of like a happy therapy. Plus it’s kids book stuff, so what’s not to like? Also working on some Valentine’s-ish drawings, so we’ll see how that goes. Earlier in the week I worked on some photography and can’t wait to pick up the prints to see how everything turned out. I should be able to do that today. For any artists out there, there’s apparently a site called glossom. You can set up portfolios of your art to share with other artists. I’d never heard about it until I received a random invitation and it looks like a pretty cool site. I don’t have anything set up yet on there because I find it slightly intimidating, but I will conquer! Ahem. Since that was a new find for me, I just wanted to share the love.

Sadly this week I must admit that I got a good start initially on my homework but then was slammed with random requests for articles and press releases just when I sat down to do homework. No lies, I swear it’s the truth. I promise it’s not a pathetic “the dog ate my homework” thing. I’m actually excited about this semester because I have a fiction writing workshop, so I HAVE to write. 🙂  I love homework that consists of writing stories. So awesome. Oooh! I think inspiration is hitting me right now! See? It totally pays to blather random awesomeness and whatnot. K, I’m going to go and write before my inspiration leaves me in the dust. Have an awesome day and a stellar weekend all!


  1. lol thank you for avoiding spoilers. 🙂 I think I’ll be reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green after this so it should be interesting. This year I’m just going to consume oodles of books.

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