This is my Substitute Wednesday, Still Random

Yeah, you caught me. I forgot that yesterday was Wednesday. See what happened when I acknowledged a Monday? Tricky, tricky. So, since I was lame and forgot Wednesday’s post here’s a little one for today.  I have a little drawing to share but it’s a Valentine’s one so I don’t want to put it up early because then it’s not as much fun. I’m on pins and needles though.

So I was all excited about getting a couple of writing collections together, one for poetry and one for short stories. I have tons of these, yet now I can’t find them. I know, awesome huh? I suppose that this is because I work off multiple computers and gazillions of notebooks. A story here, a story there. I typically grab whatever is at hand, and it’s not always the most logical, but I haven’t yet written a story on a napkin. It’s always on paper, but finding the stories will be a little more difficult than I originally thought. Oh well, it’ll be a challenge and I like challenges. I have a crazy ambitious to-do list for today (yesterday was soap-making, doll-sized sleeping bags, articles, logo design, and some housework) so we’ll see how it goes. I really need to set up my Glossom album as well. So, what are your ambitions for the rest of this week? Gotta be more exiting than my housework.

Oooh? You know something I haven’t done in AGES? Fingerpainting. That might be a great source of inspiration and art. Hhmmm. I’m going to go hatch some plans. What are you going to do? Share your exciting (or not-so-exciting) plans! 🙂

Happy Thursday and make the rest of your week awesome, as usual!

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