Barely Made it to Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone. Right now I am so tired, I’m not sure if I’m sitting, or standing on my head. I received an urgent request to write articles, and am hoping that they sound much more coherent than I currently feel. I’m surprised that I even remembered that it is Wednesday. I’m pretty proud of myself. I drew a little picture, but I can’t really keep my eyes open to ink it properly. Maybe later I’ll attempt that crazy feat. Hopefully chocolate muffin goodness will creep into my bloodstream and give me a kickstart, or diabetes. I’d prefer the kickstart though. I have been doing tons of writing lately, but sad to say, hardly any of it my own. My writing workshop consists of assigned short stories that I like to call micro-stories because they’re typically 900-1200 words. Not my usual style, but it is a beneficial exercise because it requires everything superfluous to be discarded. I end up writing normally, then going back and editing (assuming I have time to do that) to get the writing into a better flow. It really eliminates any “dragging” feeling from a story because you can’t rely only on telling (which I tend to do when I’m not paying attention).

Other than that, I’m hoping to get more drawing done but we shall see. Lots to do. Thought my car was fixed, but it’s not so I have to see if I can have it looked at . So far, this is about all I can muster. Maybe I’ll post something later too just for kicks, or for homework procrastination.

Anywho, have a great day! The week is halfway through! Always a great reason to celebrate.


  1. I like that glimpse into your process with those short pieces. I think it can teach a lot when we have to write concisely. Hilary Mantal always says to edit something down a third. I always tell my students that and it means that what you end up with is something concentrated – less exposition as you say and more story. Thanks!

    • So true! I like the idea of cutting a third. It gives writers something quantifiable to shoot for without trying to count words. I’ve noticed that if I let myself go and write, I start to focus on unnecessary things like “how did this character get from the park back home?” This is superfluous crap and I have HORRIBLE habits of inundating my work with it. As frustrating as it can be to concoct an entire story in the span of 900 words, I appreciate how much better my writing becomes. At the end of the day I’d have to recommend it as a stellar writing exercise. Thanks for the comment!

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