On The Subjects of Mutinous Characters and Nerdtopia (Completely Unrelated)

My characters have staged a coup d’etat. I began with a firmly implanted idea of what the story would be like and it has now become an entirely different animal. While I’m slightly peeved about the situation, I realized that there was room enough for two different stories. This makes me happy. With some adjustments to this current story I can keep it, since there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, and I can also work on the other story which has also merged (at least in my thinking) into something more serious and more “scientific”, rather than my traditional fantasy genre. I am really excited about the second story and can’t wait to begin writing it, but feel I must finish out this current story that I’m on. Well, that’s not exactly true. Out of those two, since they are somewhat similar in subject matter, I can’t wait to write the second one. I have an entirely different idea bouncing around in my head that I blame on every fictional character who has ever stolen a person’s heart. I think this is the one I may end up writing on after I slog my way through the current story.

I really need to discipline myself to continue with this story. Due to my efforts in the month of November (hooray for NaNoWriMo) I now have around 40,000 words to the story and it’s just getting to the good part. I came to a crucial spot in the writing recently and wondered where I was going to fit in the original purpose and plot. In this story, it no longer fits at all. So I’m sitting on 40k words and wondering what to write next. I guess the best answer for that is to let the characters guide me. They do a fairly good job, so I can’t be too upset if they decide to mutiny.  Mutinous characters are kind of my theme lately. That and Mondays. I really don’t like to acknowledge the existence of Mondays so I subconsciously forget and then I don’t have any kind of post, stellar or otherwise, waiting for you. Horrible of me, I know.

In other thoughts, I was reading and Tweeting the other day and I was struck by the idea that no one (to my knowledge) has built a Nerdtopia. This should be rectified. It should possibly even be inhabitable because I’m sure I wouldn’t want to leave. There could be a life-size USS Enterprise, or the Death Star, filled with apartments. There would definitely have to be something awesome from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. We can’t forget Lord of the Rings though we couldn’t really get hobbits. The community could expand to celebrate all types of nerdity (yes, NERDity) and fandoms. Each fandom could be like a mini kingdom.  What do you think? I know there’s a World of Warcraft theme park now…but let’s do something different, crazy, unique? You’ll say I’m out of touch with reality. I say we all make our own.


  1. It’s funny how your characters sometime outgrow your story. I often find that my story changes and I even surprise myself at what I end up doing with my characters and my plot. Keep writing!

  2. I completely agree! I’ve learned that it’s a good idea for my characters to take over anyway. It always turns out better. I try not to feel too inadequate when they do a much better job than I do. 🙂

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