OMG I am SO Glad it is Friday!

No matter what I’m doing, or even when I know I will have to work over the weekend, there is just something about a Friday that lifts an invisible weight from my shoulders. Perhaps it is just relief. I mean, I’m not going to lie…this week has pretty much been hell. Too much drama. I think it’s a blessing at this point that I don’t have a boyfriend because I have more than enough drama to work around without adding to the mix. I think things are improving, for a few days at least, but the realities of being a freelancer are difficult for some people to swallow. I work long hours and get paid pittance. I’m of the opinion that it’s better than not having clients or getting paid. Other people look at it just see failure. Trying to remain successful, heck trying to stay focused and productive, in that sort of environment is a challenge all by itself.

The whole deal is pretty much a pain in the butt, but I still know why I do it, and I still see the value. I don’t see failure where others do, because I wasn’t to unrealistic as to expect that I would be a published wonder after a couple of months. I haven’t even had time to crack the cover on my box with a finished manuscript in it. I know it needs tons of work, so I’ve been snatching any moments I could to write on other stories. There is a misconception that because I’m sitting down in front of a computer, that I’m not busy or doing anything productive. This is one of the most frustrating aspects. I don’t care if I’m gazing off into space for ten minutes. It just means I am thinking of the 100th way I can write about worms or pudding or whatever.  Either that, or it means I’m so dang tired I have learned to sleep sitting up with my eyes open. This will be just a step up for me, since I have perfected the sleeping sitting up part. It works well as my snoring wakes me up before I have drooled too much into the hands that prop up my head.

I guess what it boils down to is that Friday symbolizes another week conquered. I am still here, I am still working, and I’m still relatively sane too which is always nice. My feelings of relief are like me figuratively shaking my fist in the air at an invisible foe and laughing in its face. Ha! Take that, you week you! You thought you could drag me down, but I’m still slowly plodding through my to-do list despite everything. I will prevail or I will be dead and then I won’t need to worry about prevailing. Either way, in my books, it’s a win. I’m here until the good Lord is ready for me, so this week had just better suck it up. Also having temper tantrums helps. For reals. 🙂 Two-year-olds are pretty smart. Just let it out.

That’s my sage wisdom for the day, and with that I’m going to rest my brain for a moment.  Have an awesome Friday and laugh at the week you just conquered! 🙂

Happy Friday! Have a spectacular weekend!

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