Trivial Post on Cherry Amps and Chocolate

I probably shouldn’t be writing at the moment because I’m such a mixture of frustrated and tired. It’s actually been a good day and I was able to accomplish a lot of stuff. It’s just that when I want to keep the momentum going or I finally have time to work on my stories, stuff falls apart. Trying to take care of family becomes a seemingly insurmountable issue and threatens to make me pull out all my hair. Needless to say, whenever this happens I neither have my cherry Amp or chocolate. *facedesk*

When considering investments, I need to weigh the potential benefits of stocking up on cherry amps and chocolate against the cost of doing such. Next I need to consider a place where these items can be safely stored without being plundered by other inhabitants at my abode.  This presents a dilemma as every single member in my little home is plagued with incessant and extreme nosiness. So tonight since I receive two freelancing assignments I decided to add some amps and chocolate to my list. I shop at a crazy hour of the night/morning so that it’s a peaceful trip. I unpack the groceries and tuck my stash of jellybeans and chocolate onto a chair with a couple other things that had been there before and within two minutes I hear an exclamation of discovery. *sigh* So much for secrets.

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