I’m Back! And I Even Remembered That It’s Monday!


So to tell you where (figuratively) I’ve been for the past week I’ll just make a small list rundown. But even though it’ll no doubt look ridiculously small I’ve been madly scrambling, stressing, and pulling my hair out to try and get things accomplished on time.


Last week everything culminated into what I now think of as “Chaos Week”:


1. First craft fair table ever


2. Normal freelancing activities


3. Catching up on schoolwork


4. Finals


Yeah I know, it doesn’t really sound that bad. If it were a video though, it’d be cooler. Things have died down to a normal amount of crazy, leaving me with an odd sense of having more time than I did before this week, which is a fallacy but I’ll take the feeling.


I just finished all my coursework last night and new classes start today. Apparently I’m missing at least one of the books I need as well, though I ordered so many that I’m confused about how many total I’m supposed to have. I’ll have to sort that out today.  Luckily my scrambling paid off and I did well on my Anthropology final and breathed a humongous sigh of relief afterwards. I love that online classes have the benefit of giving instant feedback. No pins and needles for me. No way!


Along the way a creative bug bit me with a vengeance and along with writing short stories, critiquing and reading I ended up writing some poetry and doing a lot of drawing. When I get stumped on my freelance writing, I shift to another task which helps immensely. I end up getting back to my work a lot sooner than I would otherwise. I think, to help get my thoughts organized, that I’m going to make a list of the topics I’ve been wanting to blog about lately but keep forgetting when I actually have time to sit down and blog. Have Windows 8 now and it is my new best friend. I swear it is made for people with short attention spans, or memories or something. It’s fast, simple, touch-screen, and as soon as I think of an idea I have it down solidly in seconds. Woot!


I’m currently…well not right at this moment…inking an older drawing that I didn’t realize I had, so I’ll hopefully be able to get it posted this week. I have more Copic marker colors and I’m soooo excited to use them! I tried creating my own logo as well for my crafts. So far so good, just have to finish the details for the official logo, but those shouldn’t be too difficult. What have you all been up to? Any spots of wisdom and advice you want to share? Hope you all had a great weekend!


Here’s my wisdom of the day: lightsaber > blaster


But you probably already knew that.


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