So today is a Wednesday. I like Wednesdays. They’re pretty unassuming and mostly celebratory. Yay! You got through half of your work week! I have to say with this “journey” that I’m currently on, things are crazy. I write articles, blogs, and do a bunch of other writing. Sometimes, I even get to write on my own stories. That’s a rarity at the moment because of the intensified schoolwork. I often feel as though I’m writing for everyone else BUT myself. This can really put a damper on my creativity, so I’m picking up my other artsy things when I can keep my eyes open. I work every single day of the week, and I cannot explain to you the awesomeness that is the Windows 8 to-do list that I downloaded.

As soon as I think of a task, BOOM! It’s scheduled. Such a relief. No more twenty lists floating around my house, or five minutes to enter something into my smartphone. No siree! It is amazing how much organization and scheduling can help your outlook. Just that little mental boost gave me the energy and focus to complete more tasks. There are still times where things don’t go as planned. It’s life. I don’t let it control me though. Every day is a new day and I try to remind myself of that even when I see tasks lingering from yesterday, or last week. Seeing them in front of me lets me prioritize so I get the really important ones out of the way first.

Beyond that, I’m just trying to figure out the ways I can continue to freelance, yet do it a little more cost effectively. I’m still stumped on this one actually, but I’m always open to new ideas so I’m keeping my eyes open.  Keeping up with freelancing sites is nearly a full-time job by itself. My head is spinning a majority of the time, but I’m managing to tread water. I have this feeling that I’m going to hit land suddenly and I have to be ready. So I’ll just keep swimming, swimming.

Hope you guys are having a great middle of the week. My brain is all mushiness so I’m afraid any random acts of wisdom or craziness will only be available via Twitter @camikahayes. Well my tweets are on my homepage as well, but you know what I mean.  I’m off to satiate my hunger with ramen until I’m able to make the deliciousness that is my relatively homemade chicken noodle soup. Woot woot!

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