Just a little errant thought

Life is the journey laid before us, but it is not the main path that makes life what it is. It is the unexpected divergences from that path which give our life more meaning and richness than we ever suspected it could. I think that I subconsciously rebel against short stories because it feels counter to life. Like rushing through it, rather than appreciating the subtle nuances. Sometimes the point of life is merely getting lost on the side road. Those are the moments that remind us of what is truly important.

It is not the helter-skelter pointless pursuit of more money. If money suddenly disappeared the world would shift and we would be valued by our talents, skills, and contributions. We would barter as we did in the past, and be appreciated for who we are, what we can do, and our willingness to learn. Life would still continue and instead of focusing on the next multi-million dollar deal, we’d collectively remember the importance of keeping our promises, being upstanding citizens, and the value of those who touch our lives for only a moment or for an eternity.   

This is a year to contemplate not only who you love and who loves you, but to consider what you love. There are those who believe it selfish to engage in hobbies, but when I talk about hobbies I speak of passions. Writing is a passion. Art, poorly created though it may be, is a passion. Helping others is a passion.  These things are what I choose to define me. I am many other things, a proud geek, a computer nerd, a technology guru, a supporter of logic and common sense. I am the grocery bagger, the checker, the person who cleans the bathrooms. I am the person on the phone who helps you with your credit card bill, I am the one who fixes your internet. I am also the one who sings in the shower, who forgives too many times, who dances alone till there is no more breath. I am one who believes in destiny, and believes you can miss the boat, but that life continues. I am the one who believes when someone dies, the world should stop for a moment and share in the grief. I am the one who gazes with rose-colored lenses into a world full of potential, full of the ability to love and to recognize the same things in others that we have in ourselves: love, fear, hurt, anger, jealousy, sadness, hope, joy. You are human, I am human.  Choose the passions that define who you are, but at the end of the day the greatest story is that we all exist. 

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