What’s Your Trend?

One of the most helpful things is realizing when you have, or create, particular trends. Being able to identify trends that foster creative moments, inspirations, or that help you move past mental blocks is critical to success. Many authors specifically mention drawing and painting. Others mention activities such as running or jogging, but it goes deeper than that.

For me, I know that I don’t really like to delve into the emotional pool to dredge up something heart-wrenching. It’s uncomfortable. It usually makes me prone to crying and I practically despise crying. I spent a lot of time in my life constructing tidy little emotional walls for a variety of reasons, and delving past those barriers threatens to make the entire wall crumble. This is not something that I am happy with, but if I’m paying attention to some of my trends, I’m going to have out with it whether I want to or not.  Does your schedule every look like a steady diet of the same thing crammed into a short time period?

There are times when I consume en masse, fantasy and sci-fi books by the dozens. This is my typical reading fare and I love those books. I’ll also occasionally read a romance or historical romance. When I feel like I need to switch for an extended period of time from my “normal” reading habits, that is when I know something is amiss. Usually, it entails investigating characters, feelings, and situations, that I’d rather not deal with in writing. It’s so much more difficult to write intricate emotions than it is to understand them. You wouldn’t think that would be the case, but it is, at least it is for me. Do you have trends that tell you when you need to try something new in your writing? Do you finish whatever you were working on previously, or do you switch gears completely to this new inspiration? 

I’ve decided, after trying unsuccessfully for weeks to avoid whatever has me in its grips, that I’m probably going to have to succumb to this. I’m going to have to grab my freewriting journal and just let my random thoughts find their way onto the page to see what my subconscious mind is trying to impart. Fighting it hasn’t yielded anything, so I may as well go with it and see what comes of it.

What do you think? Have you noticed trends? Do you watch certain movies, read certain books, or listen to a particular song that clues you in to your next step in writing (or work, or life in general)?

Well have an excellent Monday, and I apologize for being egregiously absent last week. It flew by and I didn’t realize it was gone until the sonic boom. Hopefully this will be a better week. I’m hoping for a little downtime and drawing, but we’ll see. Feel free to leave comments and whatnot. Seek the Awesome.

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