A Freelancing Life for Me!

I think I’m going to refer to this particular leg of my journey as crunch time. As you probably know I’m going to school full time and am doing freelancing work, as well as doing some crafts on the side. There are days where I just don’t know how to divide my attentions effectively. It’s a constant analysis of how much I can get done in the least amount of time with the best payoff. This is a guesstimate at best, and I perhaps would save myself some headaches if I merely flipped a coin. Alas, I can’t bring myself to do that.

Freelancing is a crazy and awesome world. I love the variety and it has cured my case of boredom. Each day (for the most part) is something a bit different. Not only is it mentally challenging, but I am writing on a continual basis (though rarely for myself), and it is turning me into an amazingly organized person. Time management is key. I’ve always known that time management is important. Freelancing is like time management on speed though. Not only do I have to allot myself the appropriate amount of time to complete projects as promised, but I also have to ensure that I leave myself enough time for homework and perusing a variety of freelancing sites so I can apply for more jobs. I’ve discovered that being able to regularly apply for larger quantities of jobs produces more reliable results. When this is your sole source of income, reliability is paramount.

Time management matrix as described in Merrill...
Time management matrix as described in Merrill and Covey 1994 book “First Things First,” showing “quadrant two” items that are important but not urgent and so require greater attention for effective time management (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is not a glamorous lifestyle for sure. Often times I’m up all night only to go to bed in the morning. I seem reclusive since it may be 2am before I’m able to leave my house to grocery shop. That’s fine with me because it happens to be one of my favorite times to shop, but I do receive the occasional suspicious look from people. Ironic, since they are out and about at that time as well. I live off copious amounts of coffee and often forget to eat until I feel as though I may pass out. I rarely have headaches, but on those days when you have a “fuzzy brain”, work is twice as hard and I don’t get to call out sick. People depend on me to meet deadlines and unless there are extenuating circumstances, like further project clarification, I plan to meet those deadlines.

I’m a bit excited to see how things will turn out after graduation. I’ll have less stress and more free time to schedule projects, or work on my own writing. I know that will be another segment of this spontaneous journey of mine, but I love learning as I go. I jumped out of my comfort zone, and I don’t think I’ll go back, even if I am so tired I resemble a zombie. Thanks for your patience with my erratic blog posts, you guys are awesome! Hope you all have an amazing Wednesday and a great rest of the week as well!

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