Next Phase of my Future

Well, I ignored Monday yet again so happy Wednesday!  I can only say that Freelancing work is challenging (which I definitely like) and that it can severely mess with your schedule. I don’t particularly mind since I have the freedom to be flexible, but trying to get back into a more normal schedule is extremely difficult.  I am nearing the end of my terms, and I admit that it feels like a noose about the throat…not that I would truly know what that feels like, but I have a vivid imagination. It’s a tad scary to think of what will (or worse, won’t) happen after graduation. I’ve learned a lot from this crazy journey that I started in October. I have learned that if I try to make a “legitimate” living off freelancing activities that it takes a while to build up to that.

I’ve also learned that there’s so much I don’t know. Jobs that, in the past, were simple now require tons of different skill sets. I’m worried that I’ll be left proudly bearing my degree which will prove only that I’m capable of writing. If I want to become an editor, for example, I need to be familiar with the Chicago Style Manual which is conveniently absent from school. Also good to know when I find out that is the preferred formatting for writings which are to be published. Thanks for the memo on this. And no…I didn’t get the memo. I’m REALLY glad I found that out from my snooping relentlessly among all the information for writers.

I’ve learned that it’s difficult and almost impossible to do your own writing and run a freelancing business. I always bite off more than I can chew, what can I say? It’s like I said before, I like a challenge. Since the jobs I might be able to do with my degree all seem to have interesting additional skills required, I’m now faced with a looming amount of debt, no time to write the ‘Great American Novel’ and the need for at least a Master’s Degree. That’s not all though, if I’m smart, which I really hope I am, it looks like I’ll also need to pick up a B.S. in something else such as Graphic Design or Computer Science.  Then I realize I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to fund those degrees, so it looks like I may have to find a job which will reimburse me to take those classes. Then it looks like I’ll need an internship of some sort. So, that means I’ll have to eventually have enough money saved up to move across the country where the cost of living is exceptionally higher than where I live now, while (if I’m lucky) receiving measly pay to intern somewhere and pay student loans. My thoughts on this: the system is broken. Schools either need to partner with business to get students “experience” so they can get real jobs, or internships need to pay a reasonable wage and maybe consider facilities to offer for boarding since they don’t like paying real wages. One of my favorite internships I saw said “full time” then I looked under the pay column: “none”. Hello modern-day slavery to corporations.

Well, I didn’t really intend this to be a diatribe on anything, but it kinda came out that way. Regardless, I have to say that I’m exceedingly grateful that I had a crazy moment and struck out on this journey, because I would NEVER have known how limited my possibilities truly were, and the knowledge would have come as a very stark disappointment. As it is, I know I’m going to go for my Master’s as long as the school will continue to put up with me, so I have time to try and sort all this out. Best of all, I have legitimate excuses to learn more AWESOMENESS!

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