Rant of the Day

Have you ever noticed how people fawn over successful people? You know, the kind of person who was homeless and ended up turning their life around to pursue their dream. Perhaps they were homeless because of their pursuit of their dream. How about the family that lived in their car, or people who crossed borders to find safety? What about the person from the ‘wrong’ side of the tracks who was determined to get out of that lifestyle?

The funny part is that there are people who will fawn all over those people. They usually end up giving speeches and describing their ordeals, or writing memoirs that serve to inspire thousands of people. There’s a travesty here though. The problem is that we see these amazing people AFTER they completed their journey. We listen with rapt attention to how they endured near starvation, abuse, homelessness, and other dangers just to pursue a better way of life. Many times those same people grump about not achieving their own dreams. The harsh reality is that they aren’t willing to make the same sacrifices and take the same chances. When it applies to them, they make the unconscious (or conscious) decision that it’s irresponsible to strike out in such a manner and they couldn’t possibly do it. Why is it so much more admirable for someone else to go through it? What makes it different? Nothing. It’s just easier to see someone who came out successful and forget all the crap they endured to get where they were. We often just don’t want to go through that similar ‘crap’.

It’s been an amazing journey, ups and downs, towards my ultimate goal. It’s an ongoing journey because I know I’ll keep pursuing it until I’m completely successful. Unfortunately my family doesn’t see the end goal as I see it, and they are incapable of looking at the long term benefits and what is trying to be accomplished. Nor can they see the successes which have ensued already. I cannot tell you how much more difficult it makes everything to be faced with such an attitude on a daily basis and one that assumes failure and reacts accordingly. Then in the epitome of irony, the same person will come gushing to me about a homeless family that endured so much so that one of the members could become a singer, or actor, etc. Why is this more remarkable than my journey? It isn’t except I’m not famous and I haven’t reached the status of being “rich” or financially stable yet. Impatience doesn’t work well when trying to grow a dream. This kind of duplicitous attitude is so ridiculous, and then the same person after criticizing, berating, and assuming failure can tell me with the most serious of expressions that they have been extremely supportive of the journey as they gleefully shove me back into the corporate world I didn’t like and that most likely caused quite a few health problems. Perhaps my definition of “supportive” is just skewed. Perhaps I wrongly expect this person to try and understand a dream and that it takes a few rough times and lots of hard work to get to the successful side. The only difference is some people understand that and are willing to go through hell to come out the other side. Other people refuse to take the chance.

What do you think? I’m half-baked probably. If you’re going through your journey, keep at it. If you’re determined you can’t help but succeed.


  1. This isn’t a half baked idea, it is a valid point. I like your point of view and I have felt this way on too many occasions. If you can’t find the support system that you want with your family then I’m sure it’s to be had with others who agree with you.

  2. Hey thanks for commenting. I’m blessed to have a really great friend who tries to be encouraging and who understands the family stuff and can commiserate. It makes things a lot harder, but the flip side is that when you do succeed it tastes so much sweeter. Or at least that is what I’m telling myself!

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