Ramblings About Naysayers

Hello lovely world!
I have to say that I’ve missed everyone. I’ve been running around like crazy making sure bunches of stuff gets done for the past few weeks. I’m happy to report that my to-do list is dwindling which makes me feel quite satisfied. There’s a little bit of progress and as always lots of possibilities. It’s a little difficult to struggle along while trying to get stuff going, but the awesome part is that I have to learn a bunch of things to get my plans in working order. When you don’t have a lot of money to start out with, it creates additional challenge. It can certainly be intimidating, but I like to learn. For me the most difficult part is waiting. I know my plans are going to take forever simply because I have very little time to devote to them, but I think I’ll eventually get them done. After that I have no idea whether or not the plans will succeed. So many times we have to stumble around blindly before we find out just how to make our plans successful. It would be awesome to have a mentor who had done my job before, but in this area that would mean finding a mentor from the competition…and I’m guessing that they won’t really want to help me launch my business. So, I am all set to bumble around, make mistakes, and think outside the box. It sounds a little bit like an adventure, eh? Yep yep! So far I’ve been doing lots of research, and one of my all-time favorites…list-making! Now, as long as I can keep them organized and in the same place, I’ll be fine.

I’m curious today, to know what you guys do when someone tells you that you can’t? Don’t you just love that? You know, the people (or hopefully you DON’T know the people, but they’re out there) who tell you that you can’t make it. The ones that always tell you how impossible something is, or that there is no way you can accomplish everything you want to do. For me, it’s a temporary emotional setback until I reason with myself. I take stock of my skills, things I’ve already proven I’m successful at and I remind myself that there is no reason I cannot accomplish my plans. Sure I have loads of other stuff to do, but I know that if I really want to accomplish things I can prioritize properly, organize, and manage time well enough to accomplish all of that. It sometimes is a little more complex because I can’t get away from the naysayer ever, and whether this person wants to admit it or not, the constant actions that throw obstacles in my path are a hindrance and not a help. As I like to tell myself so that I don’t give up, obstacles are just there to help you figure out exactly how much you want something. In my opinion listening to the people who are only interested in keeping you down, and who seem to have no faith or recognition of your abilities can be pretty toxic. I don’t listen anymore, I just tell myself this person is one of my obstacles to make me work harder. Then when I am successful, I can look back at them and say… “Gee, I guess that WAS possible after all!” Sorry, I’m not great with witty one-liners. I usually think about something cool to say three days after the event. But really, that’s the gist of it. People who accomplished anything never went around saying it wasn’t possible, or that they couldn’t do it. They simply kept at their idea until it did work because they didn’t see “can’t”, they just wondered HOW they could do something. It doesn’t seem like much, but that’s a huge difference in attitude. As far as I’m concerned it’s what separates the people who will achieve something they desire versus those who throw up their hands in defeat and sit on the couch for the rest of their lives.

Good grief, I can just picture Edison trying to invent the light bulb with some whiner saying, “I don’t what you think is going to happen, you know this is impossible. You’re just crazy” Somehow I don’t think such a whiner would have been allowed in Edison’s presence much longer. You don’t even need to believe that something will work; all it requires is an understanding of the desire to work towards a solution. Apparently that is pretty threatening to some people. Nevertheless, I will press onward with my plans because I know even if I don’t accomplish ALL of them, I might at least accomplish quite a few of them which is a lot better than not accomplishing any of my plans. So have you guys run into these lovely naysayers? What do you do? Do they ever set you back a little bit while you try to regroup?

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