Muffins and Nicholas Sparks

I had something awesome that I was going to blather about, but now I don’t remember at all what that was. I’ll just ramble and maybe it will come to me. I dreamed about lemon muffins the other night, but when I was awake I realized that I haven’t had a bran muffin in forever and I’m just weird but I really like them. I can only get them from one place around here, so if you happen to have a stellar recipe for bran muffins I’d be eternally grateful if you wouldn’t mind sharing.

Ah, the Nicholas Sparks book. See…rambling is productive. So I read The Lucky One and I have to say that I was impressed by how non-sentimental the book was. The romance part was unbelievably fast, but I liked the development of the characters. I think it was particularly wonderful that Sparks begins the book from the antagonists point of view. I’m going to try and avoid spoilers, though many or most of you have probably already seen the movie. I would definitely recommend the book. While there was a lot of military-related conversations that I could not necessarily identify with, they were well-done enough to hold my attention and to evoke a sense of empathy with the characters and their plights. I think the book was a particularly interesting choice for me to read because it’s a testament to how you can move towards your goal, even without always knowing what that goal is. While this wasn’t advertised as a main theme of the story, it’s present throughout the book and highlights the way many of us see our lives as a series of coincidences without seeing the poetry of organization behind our successes. I’m looking for another Sparks book for sure. Not a totally unbelievable story which is part of the charm. The characters are real, and the story is much less morbid than one of the Jodi Picoult books I read. I believe that putting oneself in a positive mind frame is essential to success, so I like books with closure or a positive message. It’s a lot easier to deal with difficulties, if you’re already practiced at looking for the silver lining. It’s easy to forget just how blessed even the poorest of us are, and for me, I think some of these difficulties I encounter are a reminder of those blessings. So, this blathering wasn’t nearly as awesome as I thought it was going to be…which I’m blaming on the fact that it’s crazy o’clock in the morning and I need some sleep. So yeah, bran muffins. I also like cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, and (I think) lemon muffins. If you guys have any tried and true recipes for those I’d be ever so grateful if you would pass them along. The one muffin recipe I followed was actually a blueberry biscuit masquerading as a wannabe muffin. A few years later Burger King was making them, but at least had the decency to call them biscuits. The recipe I followed literally said “blueberry muffins”. Lies! All lies.

That’s all I have so I’m going to bed. Have a great weekend everyone!

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