What it Means to be Awesome

I’ve had a million thoughts since my last blog post and I almost couldn’t even remember what I wanted to write about so very long ago. Then I remembered that it was about awesomeness. There’s a saying in the nerd culture: DFTBA. It stands for “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”. What does that really mean though? It’s not about donning your designer shades and strutting your stuff. Being awesome probably means different things to different people. To me, it means multiple things. It means having the courage to pursue dreams, to hold fast to the golden rule, to remember what makes a person upstanding.

Being awesome is about having good character, being part of a community and reaching out to people to spread some kindness. It doesn’t take a lot to be awesome, and it is fun too. Nothing beats feeling at home in your own skin and striving to be a better person. We’ve been bombarded with media images and real life encounters that leave us feeling less than hopeful where humanity is concerned. Scores of people whine about their rights while avoiding accountability and responsibility of any kind. Being awesome is a blend; a balance between doing what is right and also having and putting priorities in the proper order. It’s about realizing what is most important in life and about seizing the day, about making little moments and creating the special memories that will last you a lifetime. The way you live your life can inspire others to reach for the stars, to try and pursue dreams, and to believe that that humanity has a chance at revealing amazing people who live heroic lives, fight against injustice, and try to make a difference in the world. Before you know it, being awesome is a habit. It’s a way to live a full life and being mindful of the ways you can contribute to your world and your society. It’s about being intelligent with decisions, staying educated about current events, and about seeking the truth before having a fit.

For many people being awesome is about other things as well such as having a good sense of humor, and being passionate about something. Having something you care about like a hobby, organization, mission, business, political movement, or cause is just another aspect of being actively awesome. It’s easy in a difficult world to turn off our feelings, to ignore injustice, and to focus on our own small piece of the universe, but it doesn’t breed true happiness. On some level we’re unhappy because we know that we’re not being the type of people we want to be. So when someone says DFTBA to you, it’s a whole lot of stuff and definitely worth thinking about. What does being awesome mean to you? Don’t forget to make today and awesome day.

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