Reasons Why I Love Barnes and Noble

Why Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places EVER!

  1. Atmosphere: people are not grumpy here. Seriously…the kind of people who go to Barnes and Noble love books, music, movies or all of the above so what’s not to like?
  2. Creativity inducing: besides the plethora of interesting book titles, games, and fan gear the people watching can provide great inspiration and case studies for writing characters. You sometimes can’t help but overhear snippets of conversations which can remind you of how to write realistic conversation that is a give and take. It’s easy to try and pack what a reader needs to know into a conversation, but it doesn’t feel real because it isn’t. We don’t communicate that way. I like to think of conversations as staccato bits that eventually form a complete picture.
  3. Yummy treats: You can stay at Barnes and Noble for hours without having to leave if you get hungry. You can get a light meal, and dessert. Pumpkin Spice lattes and even pumpkin cheesecakes let me revel in fall flavor heaven.
  4. Energy boost: can you say caffeinated drinks? If you need to make sure you stay awake, you’d be in the right place. Tasty coffee drinks are readily available to ensure you complete your work with energy to spare.
  5. Work-friendly: I love bringing my work to Barnes and Noble because it’s easy to focus, no one tries to make me move, and they don’t care if I sit at a table for hours listening to free music and typing up a storm on my laptop.
  6. Resource heaven: one of the greatest things when I’m working either on a work project or my own personal writing is that there are tons of books I can look at if I need a quick resource that is easier to find in print than on the internet. You also have knowledgeable staff who are able to give great recommendations and point the way to the right part of the store.
  7. Free internet: this probably should be my #1 reason, but it’s really just the most legitimate excuse I have to visit this store so frequently.
  8. Special events: there are story times for kids, author readings, and book signings among other things. I love that they typically try to cater to local talent and help promote those authors.
  9. Store pickup: when I don’t have a lot of time, or a book comes in that I’ve been waiting for I love that I can reserve it online in the middle of my hectic day and it’ll be there waiting for me when I can get to the store. I even get a nifty text that lets me know when it’s ready to be picked up.
  10. Nook: I love the Nook. It’s more versatile than it appears, and I love that it has expandable storage. I’ve watched Netflix on it before and kept track of pretty much everything I needed to do, and that was before the Nook became even more fantastic with the Google Play access. I’m sorry did you say something about an iPad? Nah, I didn’t think so.

What would make Barnes and Noble better?

  1. Open late…or a twenty-four hour Barnes and Noble. Yes, I would totally be there.
  2. More special events not just for authors and readers, but also for fandoms. Think Harry Potter events, Dr. Who events, Sherlock Holmes events…etc. Winning,
  3. Easier way to share reviews, opinions, and book titles. I always forget to login to the specific page that lets me show people what I’m reading. I doubt very much that they would check out that page anyway.
  4. Trade-in program for their Nooks. Customers who love the latest versions of technology…*cough*  me  *cough*…would be able to get a small credit towards the purchase of the newest Nook novelty. I’d be down for that. Oh Yeah.
  5. Bean bag chairs, or other creative seating options and a second floor with more books and more seating.
  6. Cool gizmos or art hanging from the ceiling.
  7. A winding staircase…cuz they’re swish.
  8. LAN party rooms
  9. Dance-offs, flashmobs, or a special “BN” dance every week at like 7pm or something. Teach the customers and get your groove on. Of course, dancing would pretty much make any place epic.
  10. Print-on-demand machines for those books that BN can’t necessarily stock, but which customers might want to have in their sweaty little palms before they leave the store.
  11. Bigger tables
  12. Jedi training camp, though I would completely understand if it can only be an adjoining building with a skywalk. That’d be okay. Even expected.

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