Thanksgiving Overload

New Orleans: Thank you message in the grotto o...
New Orleans: Thank you message in the grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church; added by those for whom prayer or miracles were granted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today has been all about Thanksgiving, but I must confess that I’m tired of the prolific posts about thankfulness. I read the first paragraph and my eyes glaze over as I’m given another “we should be thankful” scenario. We should be grateful, and I’ve written about being thankful so I can lump myself into the same list of boring posts.

So, I have to ask myself why am I tired or bored with this topic?

I can only assume it’s because everyone is doing it. It’s mainstream, and quite frankly, unoriginal content. Deep inside we all realize that we should be thankful more than one day out of the year. I guess I would prefer to live my life with an attitude of gratefulness. That attitude is why, more often than not, I’m a pretty happy person despite all the crap I’ve gone through in the past few years. I can honestly say that if you play my life story backwards it’s just like playing an old country song in reverse.  But so what? Tons of people can claim that, and to what end? Whoopteedo.

I wanted to blog for you all today, because I am grateful for a never-ending stream of things, but I started to wonder if some of you feel similarly about the emphasis on giving thanks. It just seems like if we’re going to give thanks, perhaps it should be with a certain purpose, such as giving back to the community or a mentor. Maybe we could volunteer our time, write a letter to someone who might need cheering up (yeah…an old-school letter with a totally legit stamp and everything), or buy someone flowers.

Perhaps I’m peeved because Thanksgiving seems to be just about lip-service. To give thanks without some sort of change in our lives feels hollow. When someone has impacted our lives, is a “thanks” really sufficient to express our sentiments? Perhaps it is sufficient. Everyone is different and while I don’t expect people to do things for me, I must admit that part of how I show my appreciation is by doing little odd jobs or leaving a note.

Gratitude is the world's most beautiful langua...
Gratitude is the world’s most beautiful language and the most genuine way for people to interact (Photo credit: symphony of love)

I was going to post a list of things I’m grateful for, and I may still do it because I think it will be different from most of those other posts out there, but I will probably post it late. I’m grateful for a lot, as I am every year, but this year I want things to be different. I’m going to brainstorm how I can work towards showing a grateful attitude all year. Probably sounds easy, but it’s so much easier to slip into discontent than to realize how very blessed we are. I’m tired of not giving “active” thanks. My mission for the year.  I have a sneaking suspicion that if I can continually find ways to express my gratefulness, I will have more happiness than I can imagine. I hope you all had amazing Thanksgivings, and I hope that you have all been wonderfully blessed this year.

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