What About This Year?

This is the year to remember that we are the masters of our destinies, the writers of our stories, the makers of our own fairy tale endings. Somewhere along the way in the “real” world we forget that we are chasing dreams and we settle for “just getting by”. We forget that we are all full of awesome, that we each have our own amazing stories to tell. Our lives are comprised of so many moments with which we can all identify. Sadness, surprise, joy, anger, frustration, happiness, hope, fear, and jealousy make those moments story-worthy. We tend to overlook the amazing things in our lives because they happen to us. We downplay them, and we even hide behind the fractured version of ourselves. A version in which we are incompetent, unworthy, unlovable, too silly, too smart, not smart enough, too thin, too fat, too tall, too short, too poor, anti-social or anything else that can excuse our fear of failure.

Who cares about our fractured vision? We do. Other people can see how amazing we are and while some of those people may try to tell us differently, it’s typically because they believe they are inferior to us and feel the need to make sure we don’t rise above their own fractured self-image. What a horrible detrimental cycle to everyone involved. Don’t let that be you this year. Your life, your memories and moments are story-worthy. Forget about the other people and surround yourself with those who are willing to encourage and help propel you toward becoming the best version of you that is possible. This is not a year to live in fear, but to plan and craft our story and destiny. The only thing we should truly be afraid of is, a life wasted on settling and “just getting by”. Sure we may need to keep on with the “getting by”, but it’s time to remember our dreams and hopes and to actively work in the direction we want. I hope you are all blessed this year and that you see a clearer image of yourselves. You are all wonderful, amazing, and talented. This is a year to acknowledge your awesomeness (like there’s a year you shouldn’t?!) and OWN it. Rock your life and move closer to your dreams. You might not get to your dream this year, or even ten years from now but don’t stop working toward making it happen.  You are MORE than worth it, and you owe it to yourself. Remember that there will be haters, and jealous people trying to keep you down. If you don’t keep working toward your dreams, they’ve won and you lose your dream. Failing a few times at getting to your dream shows that you’re fighting for it, so keep at it. How you decide to live each day is another page in your story.

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