Nerding Out

When I spaz out over something ridiculous or silly I call it “nerding out”. Just this past week in fact, I nerded out over a couple of things. Like the moment when I realized a girl’s profile in Vampire Diaries was actually iJustine! I had to pause the episode and gush to a friend for a few minutes before I could continue. iJustine actually had a speaking part which was awesome. Since she was the bartender, I figured it would be a non-speaking part but it was so awesome to see her in one of my favorite shows. The speaking part on top of that was icing on the cake. Way to go iJustine! Yes, I’m behind the times because it was like season three. I’m catching up though.

Then, when catching up on previous seasons of Castle, there was an episode which was…well…epic in the way of awesome movie references and geek culture. I was in nerd heaven. It’s a good thing that I watch these things in privacy or with my Mom because my random shouts of “Ferengi” as I gasp and point at the TV might be a bit alarming to those who don’t know me. When I go to regular movies, I have to work really hard to seem normal, and it never even works. I have a really awesome friend which makes it better because at least there are two of us laughing at the same thing in the movie. I laugh loud enough to sound like two or three people, so it ends up sounding like a little crowd…I think.

If I’m wrong about the crowd thing, then it’s definitely embarrassing because everyone else in the movie theater is either thinking “what did I miss that those two chics got?”, or they’re thinking “oh…it’s those girls, the ones who don’t have a clue”.  Oh well. People like me wonder about how to make a Browncoat themed wedding, where to get CosPlay gear that will make us look like our World of Warcraft Blood Elf character, or why there is no apartment complex shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in something that epic?! If we embraced our nerdy and creative sides the world would be so much more fun and exciting. We are way too serious as adults, and I bet that’s why our health collectively sucks. This is rather random…but that’s how my brain works. I have to admit that it sometimes makes writing a little difficult because I’m off thinking about something completely unrelated halfway through my story. I wouldn’t trade that for anything though, it’s part of what makes life worth living. Awesome people are the other part of what makes life completely epic. Thanks to you all for putting up with my random little posts.

Have an amazing other half of the week!

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