5 Ways Harry Potter Had it Made

I was contemplating the rough times of life—times many of us experience—and I suddenly thought how lucky Harry Potter was in many regards. Then I realized how that first thought was symbolic of life in general. So many times we see the lives of other people and can pick out how they are blessed, but fail to recognize the blessings in our own lives. I’ll come back to that point later. Here are some of the ways Harry Potter had it made.

  1. Cupboard under the stairs—perhaps not ideal when you have a vengeful cousin stomping up and down the stairs, but overall it was a place of his own. There are a lot of people who grow up having to share rooms until they move out of the home. If your sibling is less than accommodating, I can only imagine the horror that can come from room-sharing.
  2. Financial security—Harry went from one family who provided his meals and bare necessities to Hogwarts. He was given the blessing of believing he was poor so that he would appreciate the wealth that had been left for him by his parents. It is not meant to replace his parents, because that could never happen. It is, however, a blessing left by his parents so he would never need to worry about how he was going to get along in life financially. Most of us don’t have that type of blessing, and certainly not in the order which allows us to appreciate and respect the wealthy properly as Harry does.
  3. Fame—this isn’t anything I would particularly want, but I’m sure there are many positive things which could be accomplished when everyone knows your name. Harry, oddly enough, has the fame but also manages to retain a fair amount of privacy. If I were to be famous…it would be Harry Potter style.
  4. Destiny—I don’t know about other people on this one, but I would probably give a tooth or maybe a couple teeth to have known from a young age what I was supposed to do, become, and achieve in my life. Sure, I might not necessarily like my destiny, but at least I would know how to go in the right direction.
  5. True friends—Harry’s life is not all fun and roses, and with that comes the truest friends. When people will stay with you through the bad times, you know that you have loyal friends. That is worth so much more than money.

These were just some of the ways Harry Potter was blessed in his life. Each of us has our own struggles, and perhaps they are there to make sure we become who we are meant to be. Our personal struggles might ensure that we love deeply, have compassion, become activists, and live full lives. Would we be able to fully understand and appreciate happiness, joy, abundance, true friendship, love and even ourselves if we never experienced the opposite end of the spectrum? I don’t believe so.

It’s too easy to take things for granted. We take movement, breathing, family, love, friendship and so many other things for granted every day. Realistically, we can’t be ultra-thankful about everything all the time, but if we decide to try and find the blessings in our lives and our circumstances I think it’s a pretty good way to begin.

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