Dribble Drabble About my Reading List

I’m fairly excited this year. I’m already ahead of my reading schedule, though I ended up reading books which weren’t on my list. Here is a list so far of the books I’ve read and my thoughts. You may have read some of these, but hopefully there are some you may not have read yet.

  • Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card—I enjoyed this book, and I would even recommend the newer version for the introduction. This book really allowed me to enjoy the development of a character since it isn’t so much about a particular situation. If you haven’t read it, you’ll see what I mean once you read it.
  • Secrets of a Freelance Writer by Robert Bly—If you intend to try freelance writing, or are already pursuing it as a career buy this…like yesterday! I would even suggest it to those who may be freelancing in a different aspect such as graphic design. There are many helpful tips that can be generalized and used for any freelance or start-up business. I bought my copy at Barnes and Noble and wish I had found it years ago.
  • Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino (series)—This is a manga series which I contemplated purchasing but denied myself. A thoughtful friend picked up the first book for me and if you like supernatural things you should check it out. The story moves quickly, though there are some repetitive phrases that drive me nuts. I was still drawn into the story and characters incredibly quickly and can’t wait to get the second volume.
  • Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz by QuinRose—Another manga series. The story was a little slow, but the concept is quite interesting. This is a little more mature in content. The book is rated for older teens (16+), but I’d probably recommend it for 18+ just to be safe.

I also got the 2014 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition. It is full of information about how to get your work published. There’s information about blogging, writing for magazines, and books. Excellent resource book, but absolutely huge. I just find what I want in the table of contents and then flip to the pertinent section. It isn’t really one I’d want to sit down and “read” cover to cover. Again, if you’re freelancing or just trying to figure out where you want to go with your writing, I’d highly recommend this as a great resource.

Next on the reading list is going to be The Fault in our Stars. My thoughtful friend got me my very own copy. He has a signed one, and I didn’t want to cry on the pages. It’s always nice to have reading buddies who understand an overwhelming attachment to books and have similar literary tastes. We always share each other’s libraries. Anywho…so I’m prepared to need about one box of Kleenex to get through the book. We’ll see if the actual need is more or less than my guess. Feel free to put in your own guesses.  😉 Just no spoilers please.

As a side note I’m also happy that I’m caught up with New Girl on Netflix (season 2) and The Vampire Diaries (season 4), but have found that I’m now stuck without the new episodes because the earliest ones I can access for the current seasons are like episode 13 and 20. Ridiculous! Feel free to recommend a cool series if it’s on Netflix so I don’t get too much crazier.

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